Done and done

And with the letter A, "H is for Haiku" comes to an end. Starting a new project as soon as I can decide what I want to do. In the meantime, I'll likely re-do some the the haiku letters I'm not satisfied with.

Putting it all together

Over the past several years I've put some work into a number of projects, each of which has had their own website, Twitter feed, Facebook page, etc..

I realized recently that this has become too unwieldy, so I decided to consolidate my various projects under one roof, here at Thom Winters dot com. From here on out, this is where I will warehouse finished work as well as showcase current work.

One caveat: peruse at your own peril. Some of my earlier stuff is shaky at best, and also there are a few dirty words. Avert your eyes if you must.